If you’ve been following me, last weekend was a Vegas trip, this weekend was the Carolinas.

I’m a creative thinker.

I’m happier when the right side of my brain is stimulated.

I’m enthused with these new jobs that allow me to create and distribute media and content to users.


To help with this, in the past year  I purchased these adorable leather notebooks but realized I wasn’t filling them. So on my plane ride to Vegas last Friday, I gave myself a goal.

By the end of the year, I want to completely fill up my notebook with the following:

  1. ideas for each of the two businesses I work for
  2. new blogging topics
  3. questions for my boss
  4. designing a completely different content strategy for instagram
  5. how to reach out to new brands
  6. dallas events to attend
  7. renderings and sketches

My long term goal is to fill one whole notebook every quarter.