Si Tapas in Uptown, Dallas has my heart.

What I ordered:

  1. 1. cauliflower gratin
  2. 2. curry chicken
  3. 3. spanish potato omelette
  4. 4. sauteed wild mushrooms in garlic sauce
  5. 5. house mussels

everything we got went nicely together.

The only thing i would substitute would be #4 bc they were actually overwhelmingly tangy. Also I ate the mussels in under a minute. Delish!

Parking is awful (bc it’s Uptown) and while it doesn’t look like your typical Uptown, Dallas restaurant (more like a rundown single fam home in the country) it’s settled in the middle of Allen street.

The two best things about Si Tapas, is it’s ability to rapidly get your food out and the fact that the back patio make you feel like your lost in a paradise in Dallas. I’m talking ivy covered trellises, looming oak trees, trickling water fountains, squirrels tapping around near you.. It’s a lovely spot tucked into Dallas that everyone should try. 

I mean come on.. check out that rustic back patio that looks like it’s been there for 50 years, the string lights and the cute french doors.