Last week I emphasized the freshness of the new things I had been going through:

New job designing and marketing

marketing a new business based out of Colorado

traveling more

keeping up with my blog..

Having multiple projects keeps me busy and while I updated my work life, I decided to expand my fashion sense to see how comfortable I feel in new items.

This time a pink, lacy corset popped up.

Originally styled with a purple velvet mini, which is a totally different texture than the corset (this is ok) I went on to pair it with something a little bit more conservative. 

This look also involves texture play with these (3 y.o.) silk pants. I got them final sale at TJ Maxx for about $70 and wear them all the time. It was a good purchase back then since joggers are back in style and these are just like the ones that are out now, they’re just silk and more of a different color.

The dusty rosy/purple color matches well with the light pink lace, providing a soft and ladylike look.

Again, just like in the original corset post, I would never wear this on the reg.

This is a look for a special event, ideally in the evening.