As of lately, pieces I would have never worn in the past have been creeping in my closet. Usually all I wear is a white top and some bottoms which calls for some updating.

Plus, everything that I’ve been doing in the past month or so has been entirely new. New job designing, marketing, and a completely different schedule that allows me to simultaneously  work 4 random jobs in one day. Today I literally worked on 4 different projects…it’s how I like to live my life.


This is one way to style a corset, with a mini skirt. The lines in the top look good with the vertical ties in the dark purple mini, and it’s totally ok to play with textures like velvet and lace. Texture play can give your outfits life and excitement.

I would NEVER wear this out on the reg but it’s a good piece to put together for an event. While I usually follow some sort of balancing rule where if the top is low on the chest, go modest on the bottom, but once again, this is for an occasion when you know you can go for a mini and a corset.

p.s. ignore the cellulite