Microblading = Tattooing your brows on.. but it’s not what you think.


My eyebrows were thin, uneven and I had a scar down the middle of one from slamming my head down on a grocery cart at age 8 … #winning

My Lash lady, owner of 3D Lash and Brow in Dallas, TX has had her business for two years now. You can tell just how rewarding her career is to her by the way she exudes GREAT customer service!! She makes you feel special whenever you see her!

So right now, my brows are super dark  since they are still a week into the healing process. They have scabbed over (WHICH, doesn’t look too bad) and they’re starting to lighten in color! 🙂

SO basically this is the shaping process… she outlines a shape you prefer and then you chose a color.

So. convenient.

Now I never have to shape, fill, or color my brows AGAIN.

This is them immediately after the procedure.

Amy did a great job on my brows and I’ll keep updating y’all on the healing process. ((She also does my lashes))

214-400-4766 CALL HER. She will work wonders on you!

eyelash extensions

lash lift and tints

teeth whitening

mini facials

full glam make-up

She also provides certification training courses in Eyelash Extensions and Microblading!! She is like wonder woman!!


You can also book online!


I’ll be following up in about a week to answer some questions I’ve gotten about the procedure and the healing process!!


Bye loves 🙂