Hey y’all!

I just recently popped into a Bed Bath & Beyond to get some bath bombs since I got rearended by a few cars last Friday..a girl just needs to relax after that. Also, I got my eyebrows microbladed… which is basically a semi permanent tatted eyebrow… #badass

These past couple months have been fast paced times a hundred for me.. I’ve been working SEVEN days a week and most of the time, working two jobs per day that are fueled by 3 coffee drinks a day… Also I tried to work out; yikes.

In lieu of these crazy months, I have decided to take a day off of work a week to create a day of introspection to reconstruct the way I do things to prepare for the next couple of months that will ultimately be just as crazy as the last three.. in a totally different way.

If you know me, my favorite flowers are Magnolia flowers, Gardenias and tulips. Red roses are so cliche…

Of those three the Magnolia and Gardenias are the sweetest smelling flowers.

Hence the best purchase of 2017:


Here’s the body wash version