Hey guys, I’m Caroline, I’m almost 25.

My life started in eastern North Carolina where the corn grows tall and everyone lives for basketball. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not my milieu.

When I moved to Dallas I found my spot… kinda like finding your people. I love the night life, exploring, and being able to travel equidistantly in every direction and still being in the same state.

I didn’t hate my town (ok maybe), and I wasn’t trying to get away from my family (I do love them), I just knew I wanted a variant of experiences through diversity, growth, and success– which needed to be accomplished outside my country small town.

SO now I am employed full time in Dallas, Texas or rather, heaven on earth.

I want to do everything. I have an inexhaustible desire to travel and experience everything. FOMO, as my roommate would say.

I created this space as an outlet for my passions- style, photography, and a voluptuous makeup bag.

I try to market my style in the ways I’ve been identified: preppy, conservative, hobo, grungy, casual, elegant, girly and often a mixture of a few of them. I guess I just can’t decide who or what I want to be, but I think that’s because I’m constantly evolving and all I want to do is have fun..

and that’s ok.